Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires!

"Xeni es un buena profesora! Tomé clases de gramática y conversación con ella y tuvo mucha paciencia conmigo y es muy graciosa, por eso mis clases fueron útiles y divertidas. Estoy seguro de recomendar Xeni. Confía en mi soy un profesor de inglés."

Neil Campbell, Irlanda

"Tomaba clases de español con Xeni en Buenos Aires. Tomé clases más o menos dos veces por semana y Xeni fue muy flexible con cuándo y dónde encontrarnos. Xeni tenía muchos ideas sobre diferentes métodos para entender el idioma. Tenía varios ejercicios, escribí diferentes textos, leí y hablamos sobre temas que eran relevante para mi. Xeni tenía paciencia conmigo y me explicaba las razones por las que algo en español era diferente que en Ingles. Una grande recomendación si alguien quiere aprender español y disfrutar mientras."
"I took Spanish classes with Xeni in Buenos Aires. I took around two classes per week and Xeni was very flexible with when and where we should meet. Xeni had many ideas about different methods that we could use so I would learn the language. I had various exercises, I wrote different texts, read and we spoke about different topics that were relevant for me. Xeni had patience with me and explained the reasons why something in Spanish was different than in English. A big recommendation to anyone who would like to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time."  
                                                                                            Veronica O'Sullivan Freltoft, Denmark                 

A little about me first, I am a 25yr old Australian engineer who recently took a year off work to travel and learn Spanish in South America. Having decided to spend 5 weeks in Buenos Aires before returning home, I found  Xeni on Craigs list and arranged to do daily, 2hr Spanish classes.
My first class with Xeni was more or less an appraisal to help her tailor future classes. The homework from this class, a whopping 6 page test of pretty much all the gramma of spanish. The 5 weeks of classes that I did with Xeni were as well planned and specifically aimed at deficiencies as they had started. As the classes progressed we established a nice structure to our classes and the homework that I would do.
We held our classes all over the place, sometimes in my apartment but usually in parks or coffee shops around the city. Xeni was very flexible with when she could do the classes too.
Xeni is a top chic and became just as much a friend as a Spanish teacher. Sharing similar interests in music we would go to concerts together sometimes as well. Throughout the past year I have spent more than  5 months in formal Spanish courses in various schools in various countries and I say without hesitation that I got more out of my classes with Xeni than any other. I highly recommend Xeni as a Spanish teacher.
                                                                                                                        Rob Brindal, Australia

"Al mio arrivo in Messico ho preso lezioni di castellano con Xeni e la sua specializzazione in Linguistica mi é servita moltissimo per i miei studi in letteratura e antropologia, ma anche per la conversazione in generale. e le lezioni sono sempre state divertenti grazie al suo metodo e alla sua personalitá. La raccomando!"

"A mi llegada a México tomé clases de castellano con Xeni y su especialización en linguística me sirvió muchísimo para mis estudios en literatura y antropología  pero también para la conversación en general. y las clases siempre han sido divertidas gracias a su método y su personalidad. La recomiendo!"

Ilaria Bologna, Italia

I studied with Xeni for over a year in my time in Argentina, and in the latter half focused particularly on the DELE exam, which I took just before leaving Argentina. I passed the exam, which I believe is in large part due to my preparation with Xeni. Xeni's classes are challenging but also very fun, and Xeni is very laid-back! The first class she made an effort to learn what I was specifically interested in, and afterwards frequently brought in books, articles and grammar exercises related to my interests - I was never bored in class! She also invited me and other students out to a milonga, which was a fantastic way to meet new people and get a sense of Buenos Aires. I would highly recommend Xeni's classes for anyone else seeking to take the DELE exam.

Angela Leonardo, United States

I had the pleasure of being one of Xeni's students for about 3 months and she improved my Spanish no end.

I would recommend her as a tutor to anyone really wanting to vastly improve all aspects of their Spanish. 
My only regret is that I couldn't continue lessons with Xeni due to moving back to Australia. 

I've had quite a few Spanish tutors and Xeni is by far the best of them all!

Sorrel Kesby, Australia

"I cannot recommend Xeni's Spanish tutoring classes enough. Xeni was an excellent teacher - always prepared with interesting and challenging exercises and methods to help me improve my grammar and conversational Spanish during my year abroad in Argentina. I saw my Spanish skills improve dramatically even after the first few lessons. What's more, Xeni was always so approachable and friendly, I often found myself not wanting the classes to end. We all know that while living abroad we tend to spend most of our time speaking in our native tongue with other travellers. If you're studying abroad in Argentina and do want to achieve a greater level of Spanish, there's no substitute for one-on-one time with a professional and knowledgable tutor like Xeni. She made everything so easy, from being flexible with lesson times/location to explaining the intricacies of the tricky Spanish tenses. My only regret is that I didn't find Xeni until my second semester!"

Catherine Grace, Australia

Je suis arrivé à Buenos Aires dans le but d’apprendre l’espagnol et m’acclimater à l’Amérique du Sud en 4 mois. On peut dire que Xeni m’a été d’une grande aide, après trois mois mon espagnol est bon et Xeni m’a fait découvrir une grande partie de la culture d’Argentine et d’Amérique latine : musique, cinéma, lecture, danse… et Buenos Aires ! Surement la meilleur prof de B.A. !

Llegue a Buenos Aires para aprender castellano  y aclimatarme a la América del Sur en 4 meses. Podemos decir que Xeni me ayudo mucho, después de tres meses  mi castellano esta bien y Xeni me hizo conocer una gran parte de la cultura de Argentina y del America Latina: música, cinema, lectura, baila…y Buenos Aires! ¡ Seguramente la mejor profesora de Buenos Aires!

                                                                                                                  Roman Arrivetz, France